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Our Origin Story …

Elk View Estate is owned by Susan Loise Blodgett Lenssen and George Sherman Peck III. The land it sits on was purchased from Dick Burhan, a since expired artist who's legacy is painted on the walls around Snoqualmie Valley. Susie and George met in Bozeman at Montana State University where they both graduated with Industrial Engineering degrees. Susie's parents where professors there and George's family has roots in the Big Hole River Valley. His grandfather bought The Trapper Creek Ranch in Melrose, Montana in 1967 and George's cousin JM Peck still runs it today.

The Montana ranch provided livestock for a feed lot located at the Peck Farm in Geneva, Illnois. George's Grandfather George Sr. graciously donated the farm to Kane County. The land and buildings have been preserved and you can visit Peck Farm Park today.

George and Susie collaborated on the design, planning and building of Elk View Estate. In the spirit of Peck Farm Park, Elk View Estate is open to artists and adventurers that need a place to camp out and commune with nature.

Our Amenities

Go Watch the Wildlife

Our retreat offers river front access to the North Fork of the Snoqualmie River. In addition to the river you’ll also get private access to King Counties Three River Park. Artist’s Welcome!

Cyclist’s Paradise

The PNW is a mecca for cycling and the Snoqualmie Valley is home to the best biking the world offers. Road, Gravel or MTB you can turn Elk View Estate into your base camp for epic adventures.

Camp Out

At Elk View Estate you can rent a camping spot, car camp or bring your trailer if its under 20' long. We have a travel trailer here onsite that can be used for showering, bathroom and cooking.

Enjoy the Fire

When burn bans are not in effect campers are permitted to have camp fires in rock rings located in each camp. Kick back and enjoy what humans have been doing for the last million years

Camper Stories

Zach Wist

Zach Wist

Bike Packer and MTB Technician

“George and I have been riding buddies for a number of years. I have seen some gritty moves but creating the Elk View Estate was by far the Gnarlist. Please come out and support George and Susie, they are great people and you will be treated to unparalleled beauty and lots of laughs.”

Shaun Boss

Shaun Boss


“I am a freelance photographer and camping at Elk View Estate is a great opportunity for me to get away from the city and be in a prime location to take wildlife photography. George is a long time friend of mine and he and Susie are gracious people with good hearts.”

Morgan Kline

Christopher Passarelli


“I love camping and fishing in the PNW. Moon Valley is only thirty minutes from Seattle and you are on the edge of the wilderness. There are three rivers with-in a 10 mile radius to Elk View Estate and I can float, wade or even boat on nearby lakes. George and Susie are very hospitible and eccentric peole, you will be entertained. ”